QuoteCommand.com was designed to provide you with a fast, easy, and accurate way to provide the best marine insurance products to your clients, thereby giving you the opportunity to increase your commission revenue. QuoteCommand.com will allow you to get multiple marine insurance quotes with up to three companies immediately if the quote is for a standard risk. It will also permit you to revise the client, boat, and territory information, as well as the individual coverages, to fine tune the quotes for your client. QuoteCommand.com also provides you with a quick, easy method for submitting quote information on risks that require additional underwriting, such as performance boats, clients who are substantially increasing vessel length, clients who have claims, problem MVR, etc. Furthermore, QuoteCommand.com supplies you with company specific wording for applicable endorsements and important company information, such as exclusions, warranties and billing. As a result, QuoteCommand.com enables you and your client to make an informed decision.

QuoteCommand.com Benefits to Agents

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